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WORKSHOP 1: Establishing Yourself & Your Studio



Workshop 1 Topics:

This workshop will cover topics such as:

  • Setting up a simple home studio (equipment you'll need to get started)
  • Setting up Logic Pro/GarageBand and the fundamental functions
  • Introduction to recording instruments and vocals
  • Utilising Apple Loops and Drummer
  • Making music with MIDI and software instruments

WORKSHOP 1: Establishing Yourself & Your Studio

  • In the Foundations of Sound Production course, you will learn the footing that forms the basis for basic techniques that then support and become the core of the advanced techniques and thereof approaches to sound production. From setting up a practical and professional recording space, to recording, editing, mixing and mastering music, the underpinnings of producing music and sound will be covered. 

    This course is designed and delivered for all levels of experience and covers fundamental and foundational aspects of sound production.


    This course will be delivered as a series of workshop style presentations that will include participant interaction. It will be delivered as a series, monthly/bi-monthly, to cover the vast array of topics.


    Whether you have not produced anything before or you are already producing music, the presentation style and format will support you to learn, expand and develop your approach to music production.


    Note: Although this course is delivered utilising Logic Pro/ GarageBand, many of the core parts and techniques in this course can be applied across to any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, such as Ableton, Pro Tools, FL Studio, etc.

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