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WORKSHOP 2: Audio Engineering in Your Studio

Date: Saturday 24th February 2024  |  Time: 5:00am AEDT

Duration: 2.5 hours  |  Delivery: Online via Zoom


Workshop 2 focuses on the field of Audio Engineering within Sound Production. This workshop will teach you advanced techniques and skills in tracking and recording professional audio and digital sound and prepare tracks for the next stages of Sound Production, such as editing, mixing and mastering.


Course Details:


In this workshop we will explore advanced techniques in:


  • Capturing, tracking and recording vocals 
  • Capturing, tracking and recording acoustic, digital and plug-in instruments 
  • Building and forming a song in your DAW software 
  • Utilising Apple Loops and Drummer
  • Making music with MIDI and software instruments


This course is designed and delivered for all ages and levels of experience, specifically using the recording software Logic Pro and GarageBand (by Apple).


Note: Although this course is delivered utilising Logic Pro, many of the core parts and techniques in this presentation can be applied across to any DAW software, such as the PC based programs Ableton, Pro Tools, FL Studio, etc.

WORKSHOP 2: Audio Engineering in Your Studio

  • If you are planning to use Logic Pro or GarageBand as your choice of recording software, you will need to have downloaded and installed this onto your computer before attending this course.

    If you are using other DAW software (such as Pro Tools etc) it is suggested that you take notes so as to apply these techniques to your chosen software.

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