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-Steam Passwords are just 4 random letters -Steam profiles (IP etc.) are not saved -Your real Steam account information is not saved -All account information is replaced when you start a new game -Steam accounts CAN be a log-in account or a normal steam account with no password -You can NOT save a game -The game will close when you do something. Nomini from Austria reached the finals in at this years world chess championship. The 21 year old, who started his career as an e-mailer and paid analyst for his family, is currently the youngest world champion since Bobby Fischer in 1972. In a remarkable display, the youngster defeated the former World Champion Viswanathan Anand in the final. The result in Kassel proved to be a one-sided affair, with the Indian player managing to checkmate his opponent in 44 moves. "I have never felt such a joy in my life," said Nomini, who is of Indian origin, after winning the tournament. There were several stars in the field, including the Australian grandmaster Adam Adamach, who finished in third place, while the Swedish super-grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, who finished in first place, saw the winner take away the world title by three points. According to, Anand, the five-time world champion, played his way into the final as the world number two, after scoring six wins and a draw. The Indian, who also won the title in Chennai in 2014, began with an opening variation and was found guilty of time-trouble by the English grandmaster, and was given a 15-second penalty, which he duly pocketed. "I got the time-trouble but I am sure he was playing for a win and I did not expect it to be so easy," said the Indian, who opened with the Saemisch. The move with the rook takes on the rook, but is also a somewhat risky decision. His first opponent proved to be without a pawn and the Indian made the short distance into a clash of kings, where it was Anand who came out the better. A beautiful move with his queen set up a winning position and allowed Anand to rule the seventh rank. The Indian offered a draw and Anand took it. Two moves into the game he offered a draw again and with a smile on his face, it



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